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The Leading TCM and Health Supplement Manufacturer,

Based in Singapore.

Your Trusted Partner for TCM Product Manufacturing.

Your One Stop Partner for Manufacturing Health Supplements, From Singapore.

With over 30 years of experience, we are your ideal manufacturing partner specialising in the development, manufacturing, logistics and distribution of Traditional Medicines and Health Supplements.

One of the largest integrated Complementary Health Product manufacturers in Singapore, our facilities are GMP-accredited and certified to the PIC/S standards. Our experienced industry specialists utilize advanced manufacturing and packaging technologies to bring you only excellence.

Ready-Made TCM Health Supplement Formula,

Ready for OEM

Liver Health

Our unique formula, combined with our experience in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), enables us to concoct a specially approved formula that protects liver health.

Brain Health

Our distinctive blend, informed by our expertise in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and our extensive experience in utilising herbs, empowers us to craft a specially endorsed formula that fosters brain health and enhances cognitive function.

Beauty Health

Leveraging our expertise in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and skill in herbal application, we possess extensive experience in developing numerous TCM-approved formulas that elevate beauty health and enhance one's attractive appearance.

Eye Health

We are also specialists in concocting remedies for eye health, harnessing our expertise in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and proficiency in herbal application to formulate blends that enhance eyesight and promote improved vision.

Women's Health

Many companies rely on us to OEM TCM remedies for women's overall well-being, covering all age groups. Leveraging our expertise in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and proficiency in herbal application, we develop formulas that foster holistic health and vitality for women.

Committed to Excellence

We are committed to giving the best service from manufacturing customised products, logistics and distribution to ensuring the products are compliant with changing regulations.

Full Service

We oversee each and every phase of production, from its development to distribution. We also offer outsourcing partnerships through our contract manufacturing clients.

Customised Products

We offer custom health products based on the needs and preferences of our customers to ensure that every single one of them is well-provided for.


Our products have been manufactured with the highest regard for quality, ensuring that only the best ones are rolled out and provided to our customers.

Low Risk

All our products have been tried and tested, ensuring that each and every item in our catalogues pose little to no risk to our customers.

Got a concept?
We can manufacture them into these forms.

Using 100% natural premium herbs.

Powder Capsule



Tea Bag

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